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The Foot Zoning School

BABY - an instructional guide for beginners

BABY - an instructional guide for beginners

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Drawing on Heidi McKay's years of experience as a certified foot zoner and teacher, including her work on thousands of feet, we have created Revive Reflexology. 

Revive Reflexology is a beginning foot zone reflexology instructional series with online video demonstrations and accompanying printed reference guidebooks printed on spill-proof synthetic paper.

Learn 12-15 reflex access points on the feet specifically chosen by Heidi. *These are exactly what she uses in her home.

The reflex points on the feet in the Baby guide access the following:

Arms, legs, immune system, nervous system, teeth, head, sinus, throat, nose, lymphatic of the entire body, back, brain, ears, eyes, lungs, liver (the ultimate filter for the body!), esophagus, stomach, spleen, and of course, the vagus nerve!


Each printed instructional guide contains simplified, full-color graphics illustrating reflex access points chosen and tested by Heidi and a unique QR code, found inside the first pages.

The QR code links your purchase to an online video demonstration for the specific guide purchased. This video was filmed exclusively for the Revive Reflexology series with Heidi McKay. It is hosted on an unlisted YouTube channel for easy access at home and abroad--no need to remember another password!  

Watch Heidi as she demonstrates for you how she uses each graphic. Listen as she teaches the associated anatomy and why the access points were selected.

We have also included a Foot Zoning School favorite in the printed guide--a concluding grounding meditation to read aloud or to yourself as you end each reflexology session.

Each video and set of graphics are truly like having Heidi at your side, showing what she would do in this instance, where, and why.

You get to choose how you will learn and apply this tool in your home. Watch often and then practice on your own using the graphics to guide you. Or practice along with the video as Heidi demonstrates. Or do both. Design your study!

Refer often to the graphics and the video for questions on placement, movement, technique, or location of the access points.

This guide is also included as part the Revive Reflexology: Series One compilation volume.
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