At Home Courses

Courses so easy ANYONE can do them!

For the parent wanting to add a simple yet impactful tool to their home

  • Revive Reflexology

    -A simple book and videos so any learning style can use this and learn QUICKLY

    -A quick 5-10 minute foot zone session designed for busy parents, with many hats to wear in their everyday life

    -For the parent who knows what their child's body is communicating but not how to help 

    -For the parent that has never used foot zoning but wants to start somewhere

  • Reflexology Made Simple

    -A book, course and workbook, for a learner who wants thorough instruction and info

    -A 45-60 minute foot zone designed for the parent wanting to devote more time to their children's mental, emotional and physical health

    -For the parent wanting more info on this modality, like the history, how you can use a salt brick to elevate the zone and more!

    -Online and in person events so you can further your learning and get first access to our full certification sign ups

    -For the parent who has dipped their toe in the water of foot zoning but wants more

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These books came to me as I watched my baby struggle with RSV in the hospital. I knew we were in good hands with the hospital staff but wanted something else that I could to do help her, and so these courses were born

Revive Reflexology

Our more simple course for $197 or individual books for $33

Learn more HERE

Reflexology Made Simple

Our more advanced course for $397

Learn more HERE
  • "Heidi and Grayce have created an amazing course that helps support me and my family in the most connecting ways. Grateful for them sharing their knowledge and experience for us to learn from."


  • "This course has been life changing. To be able to help my family & friends with the simple touch of my hands and improve whatever they are struggling with has been such a blessing. I'm so grateful that I found this course."


  • "Having a tool at home that empowers you when you are at a loss for how to help a spouse or child is priceless."

    - Jess

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